Adam DU - Data Capture Utility for ADAM Balances and Scales

ADAM DU Release Notes

Version: 1.11.54
Date: 17/Oct/2019
Support for the AE503 Indicator.

Version: 1.11.52
Date: 09/Sep/2019
Improvements to data collection for GFK 75H model.

Version: 1.11.51
Date: 17/Jun/2019
Bug fix for recording accumulation totals in CBK range.

Version: 1.11.50
Date: 29/Mar/2019
Improvements to parts counting in CQT and CCT range of scales.

Version: 1.11.49
Date: 28/Mar/2019
Support for the CCT range of scales.

Version: 1.11.48
Date: 20/Feb/2019
Improvements to support of the CKT range of scales.

Version: 1.11.47
Date: 12/Feb/2019
Improvements to support of the AE 402/WSK/WBK/WFK/WLK/ABK/AFK/PTS range of scales.

Version: 1.11.46
Date: 7/Feb/2019
Support for CKT range of scales.

Version: 1.11.45
Date: 28/Jan/2019
Support for new label format option in AE 402/WSK/WBK/WFK/WLK/ABK/AFK/PTS ranges.

Version: 1.11.44
Date: 24/Jan/2019
Support for HCB-M range of balances.

Version: 1.11.43
Date: 24/Oct/2018
Support for Equinox (EAB/EPB/ETB) and Solis (SAB/SPB/STB) range of balances.

Version: 1.11.42
Date: 1/Nov/2017
Support for ABL Semi-Micro range of balances.

Version: 1.11.41
Date: 17/Dec/2015
Added new facility to remember all Com settings and Scale model to auto start a data collection session.

Version: 1.11.40
Date: 18/Dec/2014
Support for NBL and EBL ranges of balances.

Version: 1.11.39
Date: 29/Oct/2014
Fixed bug in collecting data from certain HCB models with format 2 enabled.

Version: 1.11.38
Date: 21/Aug/2014
Added facility to collect PLU codes for the CBD range. Fixed bug in collecting unit weight/pieces count for CBD.

Version: 1.11.37
Date: 18/Jun/2014
Support for MDW/MCW Ranges. Other small bug fixes.

Version: 1.11.36
Date: 6/Jun/2014
Improvements to license system with regards to multiple hardware configurations and MS Windows randomly changing the order of component hardware IDs particulary after Windows Updates.

Version: 1.11.35
Date: 16/May/2014
Added support for WSK/WBK/WFK/WLK/ABK/AFK ranges.
Added French language support for AE 402/WSK/WBK/WFK/WLK/ABK/AFK ranges.

Version: 1.11.34
Date: 28/Aug/2013
Added support for new single line RS232 output in CBC range.

Version: 1.11.33
Date: 1/Aug/2013
Added option to specify CSV file encoding type.
Fixed bug in CPWplus for working with a comma as decimal separator.

Version: 1.11.32
Date: 31/Jul/2013
Added option to specify whether to use Gross or Net values when polling scale for the CPWPlus range.
Added option to specify the CSV field seperator for European countries who do not use a comma seperator.

Version: 1.11.31
Date: 6/Jun/2013
Fixed bug for AE202 when in accumulation mode with large amount of accumulations.
Added facility in Commander Window to change window background colour for all main Adam DU windows.

Version: 1.11.30
Date: 8/Feb/2013
Added support for new single line output for GFK/GK ranges.

Version: 1.11.29
Date: 4/Feb/2013
Fixed bug in printing readings to a printer.

Version: 1.11.28
Date: 8/Nov/2012
Fixed bug in PGW-M data handling.

Version: 1.11.27
Date: 19/Oct/2012
Added the facility to store Custom Field options in a user selectable folder rather than the Adam DU program folder. This helps with any file write permission errors if the Windows User account is restricted.

Version: 1.11.26
Date: 9/Oct/2012
Custom fields now support 'auto complete' for use with user defined options. Support for PGW-M and CBC-M.

Version: 1.11.25
Date: 27/Sep/2012
Fixed bug in CSV import for custom fields - missing one CSV entry out.

Version: 1.11.24
Date: 8/Aug/2012
Added option to set manual Y axis maximum and minimum values on the graph.

Version: 1.11.23
Date: 9/Jan/2012
Added support for new CBK RS232 output. Fixed bug in CBK with negative readings and label option = off.

Version: 1.11.22
Date: 20/Dec/2011
Added support for new HCB RS232 format 2 output option.

Version: 1.11.21
Date: 10/Oct/2011
Fixed bug in windows installer.

Version: 1.11.20
Date: 5/Oct/2011
Fixed bug in collecting data from CBK.

Version: 1.11.19
Date: 8/Aug/2011
Fixed bug in collecting unit price from some scales.
Other minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.11.18
Date: 11/Feb/2011
Improved error handling for MS Excel export.
Other minor bug fixes.

Version: 1.11.17
Date: 21/Dec/2010
Support for GBC, GC and GFC models.

Version: 1.11.16
Date: 9/Nov/2010
Fixed bug regards MS Windows locales using a comma as a decimal seperator.

Version: 1.11.15
Date: 3/Nov/2010
Adam DU Installer changed to require .Net Framework V3 and Windows XP SP2 as minimum.

Version: 1.11.14
Date: 27/Sep/2010
Support for AE 402 Indicators.
Speech support.

Version: 1.11.13
Date: 8/Jun/2010
Support for PMB Range.

Version: 1.11.12
Date: 6/May/2010
Support for GFK & GFKM Scales.
Support for GKM Indicators.

Version: 1.11.11
Date: 5/May/2010
Fixed bug in opening second session.

Version: 1.11.10
Date: 15/Apr/2010
Added new Net/Total weight collection mode.

Version: 1.11.9
Date: 23/Mar/2010
Support for GK Range.

Version: 1.11.8
Date: 12/Feb/2010
Support for label 3 format in AZ Extra range.

Version: 1.11.7
Date: 13/Oct/2009
Improvements to Windows installer.

Version: 1.11.6
Date: 28/Aug/2009
Fixed bug when using timer control on a frequent basis and closing the entire session down without stopping the data collection session first.

Version: 1.11.5
Date: 23/Apr/2009
Added delete last reading & delete selected reading options.
Added ability to auto place highlight/focus on a custom field after each collected reading, to allow quick automatic data entry e.g. by a barcode scanner.
Added facility to specify column data types when exporting data to MS Excel.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version: 1.11.4
Date: 20/Mar/2009
Support for PGL Range.
Support for AE401 Range.
Added support for MS Windows country settings localisation.
Added info message to toolbar when a Calibration/Form is collected & written to a log file.
Added options to view Cal & form log files.
Added total weight box to statistics bar.
Added a timer control for polling the balance/scale for readings.
Fixed bug in calculating dynamic max value on graph axis.
Fixed several bugs regards collecting form data & calibration reports.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version: 1.11.3
Date: 3/Mar/2009
Fixed bug in enabling/disabling UW/PCS collection inconjunction with enabling/disabling custom data collection.
Fixed bug in disabling/enabling custom field 5.

Version: 1.11.2
Date: 25/Feb/2009
Fixed bug in enabling custom data collection and/or UW/PCS collection for automatic startup.
Fixed bug in disabling date/time from custom data collection.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version: 1.11.1
Date: 17/Feb/2009
Added support for CFC Floor Counting Scales
Improvements to graph scaling & fixed "auto interval does not have a proper value" error.
Exporting custom data to Excel bug has been fixed.
Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version: 1.10.8
Date: 19/Nov/2008
Added support for HCB compact balances
Now supports collecting unit weight and pieces count from ACBplus
Minor bug fixes

Version: 1.10.7
Date: 19/Aug/2008
Fixed bug that was effecting some models with collecting unit weight and piece count

Version: 1.10.6
Date: 5/Aug/2008
Improved the speed of stopping a Data Collection Session
Added a session closing status when processing large amounts of readings
Improved continous file logging, so the file can be read whilst ADAM DU is constantly writing to it.

Version: 1.10.5
Date: 1/Jul/2008
Added support for CFW scales
Added support for CBD working with a remote scale/platform
Minor bug fixes and minor code ehancements

Version: 1.10.4
Date: 27/Mar/2008
Drop down lists have been added to the custom fields, so you can now choose from lists of options for each custom data field if you so wish. A CSV file can be used to import the options into a custom field list or you can manully type them in.
Improved the saving of the column widths on the Datagrid
Minor code ehancements.

Version: 1.10.3
Date: 18/Jan/2008
Now supports collecting unit weight, pieces count, unit price and total price from counting/retail scales (CBD, CBK, CBC and AZ Extra)
Fixed minor bugs
Minor ehancements

Version: 1.9.16
Date: 21/Nov/2007
Description: Support for BFW Scales

Version: 1.9.15
Date: 16/Nov/2007
Description: First Public Release